It may come as a surprise, but before last Saturday, I had never competed as a blue belt. It was almost like competing for the first time again actually. Its been a rough year, and having to perform in front of my friends and family, as well as a bunch of strangers was no easy task. This was especially true because I had to mentally visualize where I was as a competitor, and I simply haven’t been training enough. For some reason, the night before, I talked to a friend about it and he was able to calm me down.

Fast forward to my match, I got my behind kicked. However, the silver lining was that I was able to perform. I had scared myself into thinking I was going to just go out there and flop completely, which I didn’t do. Then afterward, everyone told me it was a good match and I did great, even better! My fears had been brushed aside, nobody judged me for losing. This kind of sets the stage for me to compete more, because I don’t have to worry about winning or losing, at least not weeks in advance, in the moment I need to be there to kill.

Well I wanted to get a post up guys, since I’m redoing the blog, and what better than a post about overcoming mental barriers!

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